Vice President of Taiwan Wu Den-Yih visited the Museum of Belize

I do admire your Natural Environment and Resources and I do believe that for Belize a country that seldom suffer from natural disasters I do believe that Belize could have a bright future.” Vice President of Taiwan Wu Den-Yih mentioned.

August 21 was the final day in Belize for Vice President of Taiwan Wu Den-Yih, who is in the Central American nation as part of a trip dubbed project sustained friendship. In the morning, Taiwanese Vice President Wu and Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize David Wu came to the Museum of Belize, which was reconditioned with the assistance from both Taiwan and Mexico.

After arriving the museum, the vice president was led on a tour by the director of Museum Ms. Jones who explained various galleries from precious treasures of Belize, unearthed artifacts of Maya, as well as rare totems, and the design of handicrafts. The vice president told his astonishment at the rich and diversified culture and ecosystem of Belize, as well as its calendar system, which has a very long history.

Upon completing his tour, the vice president commented in a guest book that cherishing cultural heritage paves the way towards a brighter tomorrow. He expressed his hopes that the two countries will jointly work to preserve culture. In the end Taiwanese Vice President Wu took a picture with the staff of Museum of Belize (NICH).