NEWSEUM:Old News, New News, Museum News!

In 1991, the Department of Museums developed and produced the newsletter “NEWSEUM”. The goal of the NEWSEUM was to ‘provide a medium for the further promotion of a sense of national identity and pride.’  Highlighted in the newsletter were reports on participations in workshops and conferences, features on objects collected, a plan and strategy for a National Museum, and the establishment of a Museum Trust Fund – where individuals could pledge and donate their contributions toward the formation of a National Museum.

Today, the Museum of Belize is reintroducing the NEWSEUM to the public with a more contemporary appeal; yet, keeping with the same edifying objectives.  The new NEWSEUM strives to inform on current and upcoming exhibitions at the Museum of Belize, activities and events at the Museum of Belize and all the Houses of Culture – Banquitas, Benque, Government House, and San Ignacio Santa Elena, and on relations between international, regional and local organizations.  The establishment of a Museum membership and application will also be introduced in each circular.

The NEWSEUM aspires to be an interactive newsletter in practical form catering to the general and international public; including, members of the Museum of Belize, students, visitors to the Museum of Belize, and relevant stakeholders.

Subscribers can look forward to a new issue of the NEWSEUM on a quarterly basis!