End of Year Recap

The Houses of Culture ended the year with a bang.  Numerous activities were held leading up to the end of the year, including the traditional posadas.  Posadas, a procession that depicts Joseph and Mary seeking shelter for baby Jesus, was held in San Pedro HOC and Benque.  More than 150 faithful pilgrims came out to celebrate this traditional event as pinatas, fireworks, and marimba playing ended the night.

Other activities that ended the year on a positive note were held at Corozal House of Culture, who started with Garifuna Drum Circle to celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day on Nov 19.  The circle consisted of 30 Garifuna drums supplied by drum maker and performer Mr. Mark Welch who lead the group.  Mistress of Ceremonies; Ms. Audrey Martinez, a proud Garifuna and educator engaged the audience with storytelling, song, and the Garifuna language.  CHOC also held lectures on historical topics, one being Perspective of our Past.  This lecture series focuses on activities, customs, events and everyday life giving insight into Corozal’s past.  The series began October 25, 2013 with the initial lecture on the origins of the San Joaquin Fiesta by one of its founders Angelita Magana, and carried on to November 8 with Omar Mitchell  and November 22 with Jesus Ken. We are all looking forward to the 2014 series and its historical enlightenment. .  Meanwhile, Banquitas HOC did Finado, which is the Day of the Dead, and held the 3rd Tacos Festival, which included a river-side canoe race.  SISE HOC meanwhile, has a new coordinator, Lupita Fergusion, who states… “I look forward to carrying out the work of  SISE HOC by following its  Mission Statement, and therefore achieving its objectives.” 

SISE HOC is  presently preparing to launch a A Story of Resistance in Belize Exhibition.   There are also 3 major events coming up in the near furture which includes a  a Full Moon Concert at the Welcome Center on February 15th,  La  Ruta Maya Cultural Night on March 6th an the Women In Arts Fair,  March 22nd.

Lets give all the Houses of Culture a hand for their continuous