Street Art Festival Success

On February 22nd, 2014, the artists took over the streets downtown!!.  The fourth annual Street Art Festival took place once again on Albert Street, Belize City, and this year there was no shortage of emerging artists.  The booth for the Museum of Belize drew a huge crowd as many eager minds came to play our brain busting quizzes for a chance to win awesome prizes.  We are proud to say everyone left our booth with more knowledge of our history and culture.  Many artisans brought out their hand made products to sell which we must applaud for their strong craftsmanship and technique.  Each stall or booth had a variety of products made from unique textiles found only in Belize.  The food court was again a hit as many brought out their best cuisines out for all to taste.  There was something for everyone. even VEGAN!  So no more complaints from those who say ” but i don’t eat meat.”

The big talk of this year was the Sidewalk Chalk Competition.  This new segment replaced last years Graffiti competition as it gave artist the chance to try a new medium.  In the boiling sun, 30 young up and coming artist took the streets ( sidewalk area located behind the Belize Bank) to express their artistic abilities.  Everyone who came out to the festival stopped to gaze upon these budding artist creating masterpieces on the streets.  The youngest participant was 7 year old, Javan Anderson, who amazed the crowd by drawing in the 5ft x 5ft square, by himself, and creating one of the top artworks in the junior section.  Alas there could only be one winner; in the senior section ages 18 and up the winner was Micah Vernon and in the junior section Caisha, Tasia and Abigail, who joined together to create a mesmerizing piece.

Institute of Creative Arts also created a new play with it’s Creative Arts Development Office, Joseph Stamp- Romero.  The play, ” Nowhere to Fly, Gangs and Boys” deals with the negative experience of at-risk youths as they are often affiliated with neighborhood gangs.  Those who were in the play had a secret for the audience, as they would incorporate some of the audience in the play to give them a sense of what it is to be a part of the gang life

When the sun set, the real party began!  A four hour concert was prepared with performances by Belize National Dance Company who woke up the audience with their lively costumes and energetic performances.   The big talk of the night was of course, the Garifuna Collective who just came off their tour in Canada, USA and Europe.   Talk about big timers, GO BELIZE!!!  All performances got rave reviews from the audience as  everyone danced and sing the night away.

The Street Art Festival was once again a BIG hit as it brought out the creativity in everyone.