Earth Day 2017 – Small Things We Can Do to Protect Earth.

hands and plant


In honor of Earth Day, here are practical steps you can take toward living a more sustainable life, thereby putting your share of effort to protect our precious planet:

  1. Reduce — Try to fix old things before buying new things. Buy used items whenever possible, at secondhand stores or garage sales.
  2. Eat locally — By eating foods that are in season, and grown in your local area, you not only support your local ecosystems, your food will also be fresher and require less fuel (and carbon output) to get to you.
  3. Eat less meat — Environmental advocates and health experts agree that most of the time we eat too much meat. Cutting out meat for even one day a week can help to reduce the environmental impacts of meat production.
  4. Drive less — Find ways to combine errands to make fewer trips. Use public transportation, carpool, walk or bike. Work from home if possible. Have fun closer to home.
  5. Keep your car well maintained — A poorly running car is a gas-guzzling car, no matter what the owner’s manual says. Keep your tires properly inflated, and your engine tuned up, and follow your recommended maintenance schedule.
  6. Turn it off — If you leave a room, turn off the lights. Same with the television, the stereo, or any other devices.
  7. Be water wise — Take shorter showers. Wait until you have a full load of laundry. Shut off the water when brushing your teeth or hand washing dishes.
  8. Hang clothes to dry — Instead of using the clothes dryer, hang clothes up to dry, whether inside or outside.

Beware of phantoms — Those little red or green lights you see when you turn off your computer, DVD player, TV, etc., require power to light up. Unplug these things when they’re not in use, since they are still consuming energy to remain in standby mode.