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Benque House of Culture: Dia del los Finados

The Benque House of Culture invites the community and surrounding areas to come partake in its annual Dia del los Finados  in continuing the living tradition of honoring those dearly departed in forms… Continue reading

Benque House of Culture: Noche de Cuenta Cuentos

In an effort of keeping the tradition of oral history alive the Benque House of Culture present’s its Annual ‘Noche de Cuenta Cuentos in transcending the traditional folklore tales and mystics stories of… Continue reading

Benque Marimba Youth Academy


Art Fiesta at Benque!!!

Marimba Academy in Concert in Benque!!!

Earth Day at Benque House of Culture

Join Benque House of Culture for Earth Day!!!  Today at the Centennial Park the team of Benque House of Culture will be doing a clean up and PAINT up.  Come on out and… Continue reading