In memory of the Father of Belizean Independence “The Rt. Hon. George Price”

Today is our National Service Day. All Belizeans are invited to carry out a community service activity in memory of the Rt. Hon. George Price who passed away on September 19 of last… Continue reading

The Museum of Belize

“FORMER PRISON NOW SAFEGUARDS TREASURES… built in 1857, Her Majesty’s Prison housed hapless criminals until 2002 when it was converted to a museum…with all the rich heritage inside, it would be a crime… Continue reading

Vice President of Taiwan Wu Den-Yih visited the Museum of Belize

“I do admire your Natural Environment and Resources and I do believe that for Belize a country that seldom suffer from natural disasters I do believe that Belize could have a bright future.”… Continue reading

Jades of Belize

The National Institute Of Culture and History, though the Museum of Belize and the Institute of Archaeology, is proud to present the exhibition “Jades of Belize”. To the ancient Maya jade was the… Continue reading

Featured Exhibition: Hurricane Hattie – 50 years

A temporary exhibit is on display at the Museum of Belize this month, it is called, “Eye of the Storm – Fifty Years Since Hurricane Hattie”. The exhibit features a videodocumentary, items from… Continue reading