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Benque House of Culture: Dia del los Finados

The Benque House of Culture invites the community and surrounding areas to come partake in its annual Dia del los Finados  in continuing the living tradition of honoring those dearly departed in forms… Continue reading

Benque House of Culture: Noche de Cuenta Cuentos

In an effort of keeping the tradition of oral history alive the Benque House of Culture present’s its Annual ‘Noche de Cuenta Cuentos in transcending the traditional folklore tales and mystics stories of… Continue reading

Banquitas House of Culture: Dia de los Muertes

We are please to invite everyone to the Banquitas House of Culture’s traditional ‘Day of the Dead’ (Dia de los Muertos), which will is set for Tuesday November 2nd, 2015 at the Piemonte… Continue reading

San Pedro House of Culture: Dia de los Finados

The San Pedro House of Culture extends a warm invitation to the San Pedro Community and visitors alike to its Annual “Dia de Finados” Exhibit, in remembrance of those dearly departed and in… Continue reading

Banquitas House of Culture: Full Moon Concert

The National Institute of Culture and History through the Banquitas House of Culture invites one and all to its Full Moon Concert scheduled for this Saturday October 31st, 2015; featuring the Pandemonium Steel… Continue reading

Corozal House of Culture celebrates Hanal Pixan! (Oct.31st, 2015)

The Corozal House of Culture through the National Institute of Culture and History and in the effort of cultural revival presents the celebration of “Hanal Pixan” this October 31st, 2015 at the Corozal… Continue reading

Celebrating Los Finados in San Pedro

The celebration of “Dia de Los Finados” is a long lived tradition in the Maya, Mestizo and the Garifuna cultures. The first and second day of November is traditionally when family members remember… Continue reading

Cultural distillation beyond Tamales

After an exhausted working day, you finally can unwrap the steaming, freshly-made tamales, leaves wrapped in corn shucks, that have kept you get satisfied. What kind of tamales you eat? The fillings made… Continue reading